Bleed through.

I'm tired of being the side chickIn your one click lifeWhere theres no treats, just tricksLikeHaving me spend the night as ifLicking, kissing, and huggingMeant we were thugging it out togetherI guess I was just missingThe immanent weatherThat would sever all hopesOf sturdily walking the tight ropesOr whatever it took to impressYouA plight I'd guess [...]


I was swallowed by his handsOvertakenBruised till I was blandYet I still made the baconAnd I still washed the pansI was ready to take onAll his fairytale plansBut he drank all my contents, goneLike his empty beer cansOr a state fair stuffed python-Because he had won, and conquered meJust to have left my body on [...]

Unsuccessful keg stands.

The cuts on my legsAre from his begging dogs digging jaws,And unsuccessful kegStands.And maybe I shouldn't have let his pawsLandOnMy hands,Who've goneAnd rummaged through-Something much to sweet toLeave unfinished.But I claimed that seat tooLate to reside in it,(Or have it)And even though I swore it was him, and my habitsWreaking havocOn my habitual way of [...]