Cardinal skies,And carnal eyes;He is watchingAll of the time.But he doesn't bumpHe is not the thing in the night-He likes me bummed,And feeling strife.But what a sight,My ingorlous nights with him.Was is worth the letters we wrote,If we forgot to tether the boat?In all that time writingWeren't we riding the thinest line?Surely,I was merely pretending [...]


By allConcernsBileErupts from me;A yellow volcano,And what was once venusNow Pluto.An outcastForgotten because they say-so-And forgotten, so fast.I am iceBlue;Bluer than blueberry pies,And colderThan all of the goodbyesRaining from the sky like boulders;And colder still, than all of the guysWho put their arms around my shoulders-NegligentTo the factThat I'd have erupted anyways.

At the tip

How will this drag?Perhaps likeAll these things that nagIn all caps like"YOU STUPID LITTLE HAG,"a gnawingAchingBiteAt the tip of all my spiteYou became the infectionIn a place that was meant for light-Darkness grew moldAnd I couldn't harness the soulThat was already sold."Hold me." I beggedBut you already had me peggedSomeone who was used to the [...]