If you must.

Her tragic eyeliner,
And childs teeth
Don’t mean I wouldn’t mind her
Making you complete.
Please confirm;
Do you always shit where you eat?
Or do you enjoy worms,
Gnawing at your feet?
Cause when you kept her warm,
You chose to suffocate me.
And she had no formal training,
So normally
I’d think I was merely complaining-
But she does shit orally
(That’s just how she’s sustaining)
Even if its immorally
-She’s preying on your trust
She likes you more than lust-
But disdaining
Every little touch.
And she says thank you
Much too much,
Because shes banking on you
To save her, if you must.
And with her
I don’t compare to dust;
As I wither,
As I bust.


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