All of your endeavors.

I loved you first
As a young bird.
And it was the worst,
Much like these misplaced words.
I loved you again
When my voice was hoarse
And I could feel you on my skin,
Like lingering sand.
I loved you more
By the palm of your hands
And the way they played for
Whatever they could win.
I loved you still
When you wouldn’t let me in
And only used me to fill
Some space in you that’s dim
Until I loved you so much
I had to let you go-
And then who do I give such
Bullshit to?
Loving you-
Like I don’t care if you say it back
And how blue
Or how black
It makes me.

I’ll love you again;
S’pose I’ll love you forever.
But I don’t think you’d love me in
Or out of all of your endeavors.

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