Bleed through.

I’m tired of being the side chick
In your one click life
Where theres no treats, just tricks
Having me spend the night as if
Licking, kissing, and hugging
Meant we were thugging it out together
I guess I was just missing
The immanent weather
That would sever all hopes
Of sturdily walking the tight ropes
Or whatever it took to impress
A plight I’d guess I’d never succeed
To bleed through
Without having agreed to
Let myself go
Thus halving
All that makes me whole.

2 thoughts on “Bleed through.

  1. It’s because they’ve all been conditioned to support the porn stars whom they worship and they see us as average commoners that they don’t want to spend a dime on but want us giving 110% for that tool they carry around – like it’s gold – when it’s really shit.

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