Eating the plot.

Time changesBut my feelings do notYou're stuck to me,You're a clot,Still it would suck to meetYou, at a different spotAnd I was so sweet,That I got beatAnd foughtWith my feetTaughtWith the defeatStill I lived to love youMore than you'll come to understandAnd I still loved youWhen I was not the one you plannedOn meeting.With every [...]

Like birds.

I shot myself in the headBut I didn't drink the bottleStill I wish I was dead(That would make me the perfect model)Led In the chamberDark redFilled with dangerYou said it was meAnd I filled up with angerSeeing you seeHerSeeing meSo hurtKnowing weWere the worst of the worstBut it was worthIt to beFor Better or for WorseOr [...]

Unsuccessful keg stands.

The cuts on my legsAre from his begging dogs digging jaws,And unsuccessful kegStands.And maybe I shouldn't have let his pawsLandOnMy hands,Who've goneAnd rummaged through-Something much to sweet toLeave unfinished.But I claimed that seat tooLate to reside in it,(Or have it)And even though I swore it was him, and my habitsWreaking havocOn my habitual way of [...]