Left behind.

I wasn't done withHisWithering thoughtsBut thisDim whitted, hotHeaded man isOkay with leaving me to rotBlissfully believingThat his love for me does notEqual toSequels whoAre written with a plot twistWhere the glueDoesn't dry around his wristSo he leaves me tooSoon, and I'm pissedAnd broken, and scaredAnd the listCouldn't have pairedA better sequence of hurt.Still I grin [...]

Birthday suit.

The peaches were moldedAnd so, I bit the forbidden fruitBut I kept everything foldedRight down to his birthday suitStill, he found himself revoltedBy not having something he could shootOr dismemberThat's why he ate me by the rootAnd pretends not to rememberEven as he tucks his jeans into his bootsHe only thinks of her.

Gaudy, grandiose.

We laminatedMy downfallWith those satin sheets he hatedAnd allThe things between we had waitedTo happen.But then, he celebratedNot having me aroundAnymore.Turns out I didn't astoundOrWeigh enough poundsForHim to careBut he left me sore,And heartbroken beyond repair-Having nothing he woreBut a pairOf jeans he toreOff of meSaying he wanted more(Like an offering)But once he got to [...]

Shower grout.

I'm into romantic fantasyBut the real life anticsArent for meBoys just wanna use their dicksThey wanna bruiseThey wanna lickAnd confuseEvery unsuspecting chickThey meet.They want to have their pickAnd never feel defeatConquering every inchOf my sweet, sweetBodyBut he bought meSought me outAnd helped meMemorize his shower groutNever minding the hoursNever minding my poutIt seemed he didnt [...]