Only having you.

Seven seven sevenWas all you said thenYou asked me to go;Something was coming I couldn't bare to knowAnd it wasn't fairBut your stareWas the fixatedTweaker tendencyThat exacerbatedMy tendonsSeeI need to see youNeed to free youBecause me?I knew,Before I could have possibly known;Of all of the things that I ownAnd will obtainNone can make me abstainFrom [...]


Julie,Is jewelryPrecious, hand crafted, refinedMay she never resignHer power;May she never come down from her tower.For she is jade,On a velvet high-Like suedeAll over her geminiBody.She bought threeStarsOne for her, one for venus, one for MarsShe is beautifully scarredEngraved byAll that's shes braved I-Could connect the dots in her woundsAnd paint her the moonIf only [...]