All of your endeavors.

I loved you firstAs a young bird.And it was the worst,Much like these misplaced words.I loved you againWhen my voice was hoarseAnd I could feel you on my skin,Like lingering sand.I loved you moreBy the palm of your handsAnd the way they played forWhatever they could win.I loved you stillWhen you wouldn't let me inAnd [...]

Foggy disposition.

Sometimes I pray to leave my body-But instead I cry it outTill I'm groggy,And trapped in a flout;So please forgive me for my foggyDisposition.I said please forget me,You needn't listen-I do not gleam!I do not glisten!In fact I am of victimOf my own ill-fated decisions.But this isn't my belatedWay of stopping the song,It's a feeling [...]

When you rinse your glass.

On your ingenious deviceYou're conveniently niceBut I'm curious,What would you deny?Inexperience?Your sigh?Perhaps your messages since,You stopped looking me in the eye?Should've known by your winceCause whenYou rinseYour glassYou always rinseIt fastBut tonight you had no senseAs you let the time go passAnd I'd be dense not to thinkIt would lastCause one look at herAnd now [...]

If you must.

Her tragic eyeliner,And childs teethDon't mean I wouldn't mind herMaking you complete.Please confirm;Do you always shit where you eat?Or do you enjoy worms,Gnawing at your feet?Cause when you kept her warm,You chose to suffocate me.And she had no formal training,So normallyI'd think I was merely complaining-But she does shit orally(That's just how she's sustaining)Even if [...]