Dark as it is

Dark as it isI found comfort in my broken bonesAnd I'm not afraid of damage,Just losing controlLike mental collateral-Or a skin-deep debtI own all of me when I am feelingAnd if all I feel is painThen so be it.I'll never mind those pulsating contusionsNor all the ways they made me feel human.


He clung to meWith the afterbirthAnd afterwardsHe was removed from myOut reaching armsSobbing likeHe fell off his first bikeAnd had never felt more betrayed.So I'm furiousStill feeling him like puppet strings-Though he is not mine to keep-(And he is not inside of me)-I weep overAll the should have beensAnd what I could have done differentBut [...]

Love, quite differently.

The water poured downHer ill fated fleshAnd she knew she loved himShe knew nothing less-But his intentionsWere not the yellow rosesAnd forehead kissesShe'd envisioned.(It's not so mysterious to not be picked)Maybe he liked herWhen she was something to be hadAnd not whenShe loved him, to its full capacity-But it has to beThemNeeds to beThem-And perhaps [...]