Without ever sailing

This land is not my land So I cut it upPumpkin gutsFucking nuts I'm chuckling but It's No good. I've misunderstood The mist under the hood For smoke And mirrors So I broke Them till they were clearer. But I couldn't make it a careerAs this carrier Of doubt. And out Of myself I see [...]

Madder than hell

Stupid meStupidlyStoopingLower and lower.Like limboOr grave digging.Should've let him goDragged him out kicking;But the licking truthOf this wisdom toothIs its rotten.It's gottenToo sweet to be trueBut that was the picture he drew.For someone whoWas colorblindThe whole time.And undercover I'mDisinclinedTo speak on the matter.But make no mistakeI'm madder than hell.