Puffing up
I’m thinking About
The funeral
And loving your ghost
In this infernal
I never should have
Set my praises
Into you.
But I was so into you
So determined
I’d have died instead-
And things were never
(Meant to be)
This dead
Ended endeavor-
And maybe I was clumsy,
Tripping over you;
But it was so comfy
(The way that I would bruise)
And sometimes I think because of me
You’re gone
Like the umpteen
Left unseen
-as i was unable to open these eyes
And what did it mean
When you called me across
The concrete?
Cause for all the loss
I’ve encountered
Knowing you’re not even dead
Is my downward
And if I had to admit
To wild
Passionate fits
My fists would break
(Don’t think I don’t think about it)
I cannot make
You love me.
But dammit
If its not you I see
On those church steps
For all the things that’d left
You and went

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